How Ukrainians can recognize a dangerous product in a store: a method with stickers announced

Very often, dangerous products are sold in stores, it can be meat, sausage products, dairy products. However, there are several ways to recognize such goods. One of them – sticker peel method.

If the consumer sees a large number of pasted stickers, then you can carefully peel them off and have a lookWhat date is indicated on the very first sticker Elena Kulikova, Chairman of the Board of the Consumer Trust Association, told GLOBAL HAPPENINGS in a blitz interview.

“If we see a large number of sticky stickers, and this is often done by stores to extend the shelf life of a product, then I recommend trying to carefully peel them off and see what is written on the first sticker. That is, this will probably be the correct information,” the specialist said.

In addition, when a person buys something, he should look at the expiration date, the temperature conditions in which the products are sold. “For example, if the oil is not in the freezer, then there are already questions. In fact, due to such a violation of storage conditions This product has a shorter shelf life“, explains Kulikova.

At the same time, the most important life hack on how to protect yourself when buying products is to buy them in retail chains or trusted stores. The expert also advises buying goods from large companies that have not been seen in any scandals on product quality.

As previously reported by GLOBAL HAPPENINGS, onion prices will increase in Ukraine in March-April. The cost will rise until mid-May, until a domestic product appears.

Source: Obozrevatel

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