What will be the gas tariff in April: Cabinet made a decision

In Ukraine, until May 1, the preferential gas price for heat producers, budgetary organizations and hostels has been extended. Thus, Naftogaz Trading Gas for heat suppliers will supply gas at a price of UAH 7.42. per cubic meter, for budgetary institutions – 16 39 UAH. per cube

According to Interfax, Naftogaz of Ukraine will continue to supply natural gas to enterprises, institutions, organizations, the balance of which is dormitories and / or other housing where households permanently or temporarily reside. The corresponding decision was enshrined in government resolution No. 277 of March 30, 2023, published on the state portal.

The document amends the resolution of the Cabinet on July 19, 2022 No. 812 “Approval of the rules for the payment of special obligations in relation to natural gas market entities to ensure common interests in the processing of the natural gas market in budgetary institutions.”

What will happen to other tariffs

In April, the electricity tariff will be UAH 1.44 (if you use up to 250 kWh per month) and UAH 1.68 (if you use more). This price will remain at least until May 1. The Cabinet of Ministers decided not to revise prices until at least May 1. And in May, the issue of revising tariffs will have to return.

The interlocutor of GLOBAL HAPPENINGS in the Cabinet of Ministers tells : specific mechanisms, at least at the level of the ministry, are not being seriously worked out Like, understanding that it is necessary to make decisions and raise tariffs, but there were no instructions to prepare such a decision.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS wrote earlier, Ukrainians pay for gas at different rates. Most use the services of Naftogaz, but there are also several commercial suppliers of blue fuel.

Source: Obozrevatel

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