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Prices: Coldiretti, on the podium of the price increases for pears, pasta and fish

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With a record price increase of 29.6%, pears are by far the largest increase in retail price lists among agri-food products.
Coldiretti highlights this on Istat data relating to inflation, which also places pasta (+ 10.8%) and seafood (+ 9.8%) on the podium of increases, with expensive energy impacting diesel fuel for refueling vessels at risk of remaining on the quay. A ranking resulting from the explosive mix of the expensive bill, the agri-food industry absorbs up to 11% of total industrial consumption, and climate change between frosts and droughts.
Going into the details of the individual products, it turns out that the production of pears in 2021 closed with 276 million kilos compared to 770 million kilos five years ago, with a reduction of 64%; a collapse also due to attacks by alien parasites, such as the Asian bug and the massive use of imports of products passed off as Italians without being Italians. Many conditions have also cut other productions, from 25% for rice to 10% for wheat, from 15% for fruit to 9% for wine. For the sowing of wheat for pasta and bread, Coldiretti says, farmers have been forced to face price increases of up to 50% for the diesel fuel necessary for working the land, without forgetting that the surge in the cost of gas, used for the production of fertilizers, it has made fertilizer prices soar by up to 143%. The increase in costs also concerns the feeding of livestock, the heating of greenhouses for vegetables and the entire packaging segment, from plastic (+ 72%), glass (+ 40%) to paper (+ 31%) for labels; all this affecting the supply chains, from milk packages, to bottles for oil, juices and purées, to nets for citrus fruits to enameled jars for legumes. (HANDLE).

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