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    Ksenia Mishina answered “Diesel Show”: “It’s normal for them to offend and deceive”

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    The actress did not remain silent and commented on the unpleasant words in her direction from Yegor Krutogolov and the head of Diesel Studio Alexei Blanar

    Ksenia Mishina commented on the words of Yegor Krutogolov and Alexei Blanar in her direction. / Photo: Collage: Today

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    The scandal surrounding one of the country’s largest producers of television shows, humorous television programs, serials and films does not seem to subside. It all started with the fact that the former director of Diesel Studio, Nikolai Fedosenkov, spoke about the non-payment of his fee. He was supported by former employees of the company who found themselves in the same situation, as well as the sister of the late Diesel Show actress, Marina Poplavskaya.

    Celebrities also supported the injured colleagues in show business. In particular, actress Ksenia Mishina askedwhether it is related to the letter Z in the Diesel Studio logo.

    Screenshot Instagram/misha.k.ua

    The reaction of the management of “Diesel Studio” to the words of Mishina

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    The head of the company, Alexey Blanar, on his Facebook called the victims envious and sent them in the direction of a Russian warship. Separately, the head of “Diesel Studio” walked around Ksenia Mishina.

    Always knew that Mishina is a bitch, but as a political “hvoydi” (ed – translated from Ukrainian: a slovenly, unpretentious person) I see her for the first time. It is growing,” Blanar wrote, putting emoticons at the end of the publication.

    Alexey Blanar. Photo: Facebook

    The actor “Diesel Show” also expressed his “fi” Mishina Egor Krutogolov.

    Ksenia Mishina compared us with rashists because of the presence of the letter Z in the company name. I am especially annoyed and disgusted by her to hear about such comparisons, because we are trying to do everything we can for our victory over the rashists. And besides, I personally liked her so much. Until this moment, – Krutogolov wrote on his Instagram.

    Ksenia Mishina’s reaction to insults

    In her Instastories, the actress did not remain silent. And I decided to dot the “i”. Mishina has no doubts about the honesty of director Nikolai Fedosenkov, for whom she stood up. That’s why allowed herself to speak publicly about the conflict. About the unpleasant post of Alexei Blanar, Mishina wrote the following.

    For me, the level of this answer confirms the quality of these people and how they can behave with others. Offend, deceive, slander the norms for them– said the actress.

    Screenshot Instagram/misha.k.ua

    According to the bachelor, Blanar and Krutogolov had a “hard” time with her victory in the sixth season of the project “Dancing with the Stars”. Later they were hooked Mishina’s participation in a romantic TV show, in which the actress was looking for her chosen one. If the facts in the scandal were not true, the Diesel Studio management would not behave there – Xenia says.

    It’s all nasty and dirty. But it’s good that they showed their true colors. Now you see it too. Draw your own conclusions, – summed up the actress.

    In the comments under the scandalous post by Alexei Blanar, colleagues in television production also expressed their support for Mishina. For example, the words of Marta Sereda scored much more likesthan the answer of the head of the disgraced company.

    Facebook screenshot/Oleksij Blanar

    What a day there is not a word on the official pages of “Diesel Studio” about the current situation with those who did not receive fees for their work.

    Earlier, we said that TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk is being pursued by the ex-wife’s family.

    Source: Segodnya

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