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Does Pfizer Really Cause Myocarditis? Answered by Dr. Komarovsky (video)

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Pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky explained whether it is worth getting vaccinated with Pfizer and which vaccine is most effective in protecting against COVID-19

Evgeny Komarovsky answered whether Pfizer actually causes myocarditis / Photo: YouTube

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Candidate of Medical Sciences and the most famous doctor of Ukraine Yevgeny Komarovsky in the studio of the program “Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan” on the TV channel “Ukraine 24” answered the most popular questions regarding vaccination and coronavirus.

According to Komarovsky, today all vaccines that are registered in our country perform their functions to protect the body and can save from severe cases, including resuscitation.

The key point is that getting the coronavirus vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick. But it greatly reduces the risk that you will end up in intensive care, – says Evgenia Komarovsky.

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In terms of the effectiveness of vaccination in protecting against disease, RNA vaccines are in first place – Moderna and Pfizer. However, there is information that Pfizer causes myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle – ed.).

Here’s what Komarovsky says about it:

The Pfizer vaccine actually causes myocarditis with a probability of one in ten thousand doses. As a rule, these myocarditis ends in two days of hospitalization. They go by themselves. But if you get sick with coronavirus, then the probability of severe myocarditis you will have 5%.

Watch the full interview with Evgeny Komarovsky:


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