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Zerocalcare, it doesn’t surprise me that intellectuals don’t read me

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(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 08 – “It doesn’t surprise me. Nobody reads my stuff. At Pigneto they read my stuff. Anyone who has interviewed me in their life has never read anything of mine. It’s always like this”. Zerocalcare says this in response to writer Chiara Valerio who underlines how thanks to the Netflix animated series ‘Tearing along the edges’ it was discovered that true intellectuals had not read Zerocalcare. Nobody knew about the Armadillo, how is that possible? Valerio asks herself in one of the funniest and most crowded meetings of ‘Più libri più liber’ at the Auditorium della Nuvola. After those at the booth of Bao Publishing where Zerocalcare signed his books every day of the fair, on 8 December on the closing day the snake for his meeting reached the record.

“I went from still images to moving images 3 years ago for a very trivial reason related to my manias for control. I wanted to force people to hear the music while they read my stories. Usually in comics I put mini references to the text of a song, with animation you can dictate it. I started doing this stuff, I did it by myself recording on the phone. It was three to five minutes a week clippini but I could afford it because we were in lockdown.

For Netflix it is a much more complicated thing to do a 90-minute series in about 9 months of work with 200 people who have worked on it and who are hyper professionals and have screwed their asses like a bucket is different. If I had had to do it I would not have been able and it would have taken maybe 150 years and it would have come out ugly “says Zerocalcare who is 38 years old and on 7 December celebrated the liberation of Patrick Zaki with a portrait. (ANSA).

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Source From: Ansa

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