Astor Piazzolla, the homage of the Comunale of Ferrara

(ANSA) – FERRARA, 16 DEC – The Municipal Theater of Ferrara pays homage to Astor Piazzolla, in the centenary of his birth, with the opera-tango “Maria de Buenos Aires” scheduled for 18 December at 8 pm and on 19 at 4 pm. together with the poet Horacio Ferrer, “Maria de Buenos Aires” consists of 17 musical numbers, largely inspired by the “tango nuevo”. The text, visionary and dreamlike, narrates the human events of a young woman and her descent into hell, with the bandoneón, a musical instrument first used in religious processions and then became a sacred element of the tango, which becomes the symbol of the Evil that overwhelmed Maria, in turn a metaphor for the city of Buenos Aires and its infinite contradictions.

Played by Amelita Baltar, Maria made her debut in 1968 in the Argentine capital, combining the sacred, the profane and the fantastic, while the first Italian interpreter, in 1999 in Palermo, was Milva to whom the Ferrara performances are dedicated. The show, entrusted to the director Carlos Branca with the Arcangelo Corelli Orchestra conducted by Jacopo Rivani and the bandoneón by Davide Vendramin, also involved the dancers of the MM Contemporary Dance Company of Reggio Emilia led by the choreographer Michele Merola. Interpreting the main role is the mezzo-soprano Martina Belli flanked by the baritone Ruben Peloni (Payador), while Daniel Bonilla-Torres plays El Duende, the elf who becomes the passionate narrator of the story.

“Even if in Argentine it is called operita and Piazzolla himself used the term in a sarcastic way, Maria de Buenos Aires is probably the most important work of Astor Piazzolla – explains the director Carlos Branca – Drawing from his background, his experiences, his obstinate courage, but also respecting tradition, Piazzolla has given rise to an avant-garde work of art “. This new staging is co-produced by the Ferrara theater with Ravenna Festival, the Marrucino Theater of Chieti, the Giglio Theater of Lucca and the Theater of Pisa.



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