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Umberto Eco, at the age of 90, Philosophers are back in freedom

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90 years after the birth of Umberto Eco, on 5 January 1932 in Alessandria, a by now unobtainable volume returns to the bookstore showing all his passion for drawing, a source of inspiration and architecture for many of his works such as the world bestseller ‘Il nome della pink’. It is ‘Philosophers in freedom’ which comes out on 7 January for La nave di Teseo, with 15 drawings and cartoons by the author. The publishing house he wanted and founded shortly before his death, with Elisabetta Sgarbi, current publisher, Mario Andreose and other great authors, thus celebrates his ninetieth birthday and also makes us rediscover the ironic spirit and the pleasure of joking of the great philosopher, writer, semiologist, medievalist, who died on February 19, 2016 in Milan. “Be a warning for generations to come: joke, yes, but seriously” said Eco.
“With Mario Andreose, in La nave di Teseo, in recent years, we have tried not only to recover the Eco catalog, but also to make readers discover less known aspects of Eco”, Elisabetta Sgarbi explains to ANSA. “We started with the publication of a conference by Eco, held in the United States, in 1995, ‘Eternal Fascism’. We have sold 100,000 copies, it is a book that went into the hands of 16/17 year olds, who have discovered Eco in this way. In May we will publish a volume of over 1000 pages, with many unpublished, edited by Vincenzo Trione, who collected the writings of Umberto dedicated to art, and which place Eco among the greatest representatives of the aesthetics of ‘ 900. We have entrusted to Milo Manara – he continues – the graphic novel of the Name of the Rose, which will be released in the course of 2022 by Oblomov, the comic book publishing house directed by Igort and founded with La nave di Teseo. This divertissement will be released on January 7th. , in which Eco tells the story of philosophy in the form of an amusing (but very precise) rhyme, illustrated by Eco himself. And in the same days the January issue of Linus dedicated to Umberto will be released, with the cover of Manara. Eco è un mondo inesaur possible, and we want to offer readers, and ourselves, the sense of this richness “.
Resounding debut in 1958 in the field, defined by Eco himself, of light non-fiction, this precious booklet was then signed by the writer with the Joycean pseudonym of Dedalus, also due to the risk of compromising the beginning of his academic career. They are a gallery of portraits of the history of philosophy in the form of a nursery rhyme – a genre familiar from childhood to Eco, a regular reader of the “Corriere dei Piccoli” – integrated, in this new edition, by the “Writers in freedom” section, dedicated to others to Marcel Proust, James Joyce and Thomas Mann, Eco’s favorite authors.
“With ‘Philosophers in freedom’ we review (seriously) the history of philosophy amid cheerful laughter, with the taste of parody and the rhythm of nursery rhymes” says Mario Andreose. The nursery rhymes, written in different eras, had been read in Piazza San Marco during the International Congress of Philosophy in 1958 and were written after the cartoons that Eco had drawn during boring conferences. Appeared in the first edition in a small volume in red canvas, in a numbered edition of 500 copies, followed by an edition, also in 500 copies, in blue canvas, in 1959, as Eco tells in the note to the volume, this story of philosophy in shape convivial was also used to prepare school-leaving exams. From pre-Socratics to language analysts, the author offers us the portraits of Aristotle, Anselmo d’Aosta, Thomas Aquinas and then Descartes, Giambattista Vico, Kant, Hegel, Marx and Benedetto Croce. While in ‘Writers in freedom’ we also find Oedipus Re, Dante’s unpublished work on Saussure and Alessandro Manzoni.


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