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    A well-known Belarusian comedian fled Russia to Ukraine due to persecution by the KGB of Belarus

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    During a performance in Kiev, stand-up star Slava Komissarenko made a revelation that shocked his fans. As it turned out, the Belarusian special services are “hunting” for him.

    Slava Komissarenko said that the KGB of Belarus wants to kidnap him. / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

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    Famous comedian Slava Komissarenko said that the Belarusian KGB put him on the wanted list. And all allegedly because of political views and sharp jokes about the self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko.

    On Instagram, the humorist said that the Belarusian KGB personally called and wrote to him with threats. Now the artist is in Ukraine.

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    The stand-up comedian shared such a story the other day during a speech in the capital of Ukraine. Subsequently, he posted this on his YouTube channel, calling the video “The KGB is looking for me.”

    YouTube screenshot

    In ordinary countries, special services catch terrorists, and in Belarus they catch pranksters. because in Belarus there should be only one prankster– Slava said jokingly.

    By the way, Komissarenko has been living and working in Russia for a long time, and in the midst of protests in Belarus, he moved his parents to Moscow, where he bought an apartment for them. As the artist explained, all this is in order to protect the family from persecution at home.

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    While in Russia, Komissarenko often joked about Lukashenka, and his monologues about the self-proclaimed president, whom he calls a “chirp,” went viral on the web.

    At the same time, Slava believed that he was completely safe in the Russian Federation. But before the New Year, the comedian received shocking news from activists from Minsk. After that, the humorist left for Kiev.

    A person who is connected with the Belarusian protests wrote to me. He wrote me a message: “Hi, Slava. Unfortunately, there is information from reliable sources that they are going to kidnap you in Moscow and take you by car to Belarus. Be careful,” Komissarenko recalled.

    The stand-up comedian also noted that he is often asked if he believes that he can be kidnapped by the KGB of Belarus. In response, Komissarenko recalled how Lukashenka urgently landed the plane where opposition journalist Roman Protasevich was in order to detain him. So the stand-up star considers his kidnapping quite possible.

    Let’s add that tomorrow, January 15, Slava Komissarenko has a concert scheduled in Kiev. But whether he will return to Russia after a tour in Ukraine is unknown.

    Moreover, in January 2021, the humorist said that after criticizing Lukashenka, all his performances in Belarus were sharply banned and his tour certificate was canceled.

    Recall that earlier the Ukrainian blogger Lily Bagirova was banned from entering the territory of Russia and Belarus until 2026 and all because of the video about the protests.


    Source From: Segodnya

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