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    worrying rising cases in infants

    Océane Théard, edited by Mélanie Faure

    As winter approaches, the number of cases of bronchiolitis climbs. This highly contagious respiratory disease represents a danger for infants under 2 years of age. The president of the French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics Fabienne Cochères delivers her recommendations.

    Bronchiolitis is making a comeback as the winter season approaches. The disease is very contagious and especially in infants under 2 years old. Symptoms ? Fever, cough, and difficult breathing.

    How to deal with bronchiolitis? No vaccine being existing, the best solution is to keep the social distancing put in place since the start of the epidemic. Doctor Fabienne Cochères recommends avoiding contact with people outside your family as much as possible. Thus, it is preferable that they do not hug the baby.

    “We do not take the risk of receiving tatas, sick totons at home,” said the president of the French Association for Ambulatory Pediatrics. “We get sick, we do not go to the stores, we will not take him to shopping centers. All this is to limit the risks. But there is no zero risk. It creates a barrier. virus, but it’s not going to be a 100% barrier. “

    Particularly vulnerable children under the age of 2

    Fabienne Cochères recalls that bronchiolitis is almost a prerequisite for children under 2 years old. But the goal is to prevent infants under three months of age from becoming infected, as this is the age when they are most likely to contract a severe form of the disease. Each year in France, nearly 500,000 infants under the age of two are affected, according to Ameli.

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