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With the end of the interim for novice caregivers, the indignation of doctors

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Yasmina Kattou
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7:15 a.m., September 27, 2022

According to a draft law, temporary work companies will no longer be able, from January 1, to provide healthcare establishments with new caregivers. The Social Security budget for 2023, presented Monday in the Council of Ministers, includes a measure of “regulation of interim”, which targets young caregivers “out of school”. The latter will now have to exercise as an employee or as a liberal “for a minimum period”. The government thus intends to tackle a booming practice, the cost of which jumped from 500 million euros in 2013 to more than 1.4 billion in 2018, weighing down hospital accounts by the same amount while “destabilizing the teams” of care, indicates the Ministry of Health.

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The contours of this measure are still unclear, but what we know for the moment is that doctors, midwives and other carers must have worked as employees or in a private practice before being able to offer their services through temping companies. The duration of this restriction must still be discussed but future doctors experience it as an injustice.

“For many caregivers. Today, there is precariousness, a salary which for ten years of study is miserable and we are answered at the exit. Beware if you want to have a little bit of financial comfort Me, I have a lot of friends who are finishing their internship and their two salaries do not allow them to have a child. They simply could not assume it financially. I find it disgusting, ‘explains Léo Sillion, intern and president of the association of young generalists of France, at the microphone of Europe 1.

Guards at 1500 euros

But some take advantage of the system according to Frédéric Valletoux, former president of the French hospital federation. Guards can be paid more than 1500 euros, depending on the position in public hospitals. The end of the interim for part of the doctors would be good news for the expenses of public hospitals, and for patients. “We cannot work only with doctors who are there for a few weeks or a few months. The doctors have to know the teams. The doctors themselves have to know the patients. Interim work must be the exception and the ‘Temporary work is a scourge for the hospital, for the follow-up of patients”, explains Frédéric Valletoux.

The interim in general is also in the sights of the government. Decrees to cap the remuneration of interim doctors should be applied in the coming months.

Source: Europe1

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