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Is sport on an empty stomach the miracle solution for losing weight quickly?

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Losing weight can sometimes be a real headache. So, to regain its wasp waist, some do not hesitate to try original methods. Among the latter: the practice of sport on an empty stomach. In the show Well done for youDoctor Jean-Marc Sène, sports doctor and Vincent Martin, sports coach, give us their analysis of this practice.

Watch out for discomfort

“Sport on an empty stomach will be interesting to be able to get the fat”, explains doctor Jean-Marc Sène at the microphone of Europe 1. But in return, “at the same time as we are going to look for fat, we can also go and consume muscle. So, it should not be done to excess”, he adds.

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Because the doctor warns against too regular practice of sports on an empty stomach. “You can easily feel unwell when you’re not used to doing this type of exercise. So playing sports on an empty stomach is not bad advice, but you just have to take a little measure,” says Jean -Marc Sene.

An unexpected ally

And if the objective remains to lose weight, the sports coach Vincent Martin advises above all not to forget bodybuilding. “When people want to lose weight, they mainly focus on cardio activities. However, if you don’t have enough calories during a diet and you do too much cardio activity, you will lose muscle. And you can lose up to 26% of your muscle mass!”, warns the sports coach at the microphone of Europe 1.

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If Vincent Martin is not opposed to the occasional practice of sport on an empty stomach, he rather advises with Jean-Marc Sène, to maintain his muscle mass to lose his extra pounds. “Because muscle mass is what allows you to burn fat at rest. So you absolutely have to have muscle” if you want to lose weight, they conclude.

Source: Europe1

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