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Traction, horizontal pulling… These effective exercises to strengthen your back

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It is one of the most precious elements of our body: the back is however put to the test in our modern world. Bad postures but also repetitive gestures at work mistreat him, to such an extent that seven out of ten employees say they suffer from back pain, according to a latest study published this week. So, to remedy this, Anouk Garnier, the show’s sports columnist Well done for you, gives her tips for strengthening your back and thus promoting better posture.

“Drawing Loads”

“Strengthening your back is essential for good health: already to protect your spine during movement, but also to preserve your posture”, explains the columnist at the microphone of Europe 1. “The more you will have a strong back, the straighter your posture will be and the longer you can hold it. It’s also important for the story of breathing,” she notes.

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So, to promote the bodybuilding of his back, “we will have to pull loads”, simply underlines Anouk Garnier. A simple thing, which can be done “with dumbbells, water packs, or even with a towel that you stretch out in front of you and bring back to your chest”.

Watch out for the board

For those who wish to build muscle in the gym, several exercises exist, like “the machine called ‘horizontal draw’, you can’t go wrong”, she quips. “You’re actually sitting on the machine and you hook your wrists to a rubber band that you just pull. It’s a bit like a rowing machine, except you don’t move your legs. And we come and do between five and ten repetitions on this machine. Another exercise, rather shunned: traction. However, it shows the strength of the back, that is to say that we are able to pull our own weight, “explains the sports columnist.

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“Ideally, you should do exercises to strengthen your back at least twice a week,” she said at the microphone of Europe 1. “Even five minutes is enough,” continues Anouk Garnier. Finally, contrary to popular belief, the board will not be of much use to you. “It will strengthen the core, but it won’t actually strengthen your back,” she concludes.

Source: Europe1

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