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three things you don’t necessarily know about orgasm

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Very often brought up during conversations about sexuality, orgasm is always a subject that interests and intrigues. Co-author of the book Sex for dummies, the gynecologist and sexologist Sylvain Mimoun spoke on this topic on Friday in the show Without an appointment on Europe 1.

There is no very clear definition

By Sylvain Mimoun’s admission, orgasm is not always easily identifiable. “When I am told ‘I do not know if I had an orgasm or not’, I tell them that it is a relaxation after a tension, which is very vague as a definition,” admits the specialist. For the sex therapist, therefore, an additional element is needed to approach a definition of orgasm. “What we add to this definition is sexual thought”, he specifies, that is to say, “phantasmal, imaginary sexual stimulation”.

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But Sylvain Mimoun remains confronted with patients who are in doubt during his consultations. “They are unaware of the orgasm. When you are not aware of it, you don’t know what to expect. It’s’ I don’t know if I’ve had it, if I haven’t. I haven’t had any … “” It is true that in men, there is ejaculation at the end in general and it is easier to spot “, he adds.

Working your perineum can promote female orgasm

In his book, the gynecologist examines a technique that can nevertheless help female orgasm. “The idea is to work the muscles of the perineum,” he says. This region of the body corresponds to “the muscles around the vagina, which will tighten the vagina, relax the vagina and increase blood circulation in the lower abdomen”. According to the specialist, therefore, “if we want to increase the pleasant sensations of uterine and vaginal contractions, at that time, we must do perineal rehabilitation to strengthen this.”

Repeated orgasms more prevalent in women

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If orgasms are perhaps more easily identifiable in men, “it is women who have repeating organs more easily”, reports Sylvain Mimoun. “Men, by definition, can only have one ejaculation,” he says. The refractory period then usually prevents another sexual act more or less temporarily. “Women who say ‘I masturbated’ ten times in a row is quite common in specialist consultation,” concludes the specialist.

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