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The benefits are reduced when doing sports in polluted areas

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People who engage in strenuous physical activity, such as jogging or playing competitive sports, and who do so in areas with higher air pollution, may have fewer benefits for their brain health than those who exercise in smog-free areas. To say it is a work carried out by the University of Arizona in Tucson and published in the scientific journal Neurology.

“Exercising vigorously can increase exposure to air pollution, and previous studies have already shown negative effects of pollution on the brain,” said study author Melissa Furlong, a researcher at the University of Arizona. Tucson.

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“We have shown that physical activity is associated with better brain health markers in areas with less air pollution – he added – However, some beneficial effects have essentially disappeared in cases of physical activity in areas with the highest levels of pollution. This is not to say that people should avoid it. Overall, the effect of air pollution on brain health has been modest. ” Researchers found that vigorous physical activity reduced white matter hyperintensity in low air pollution areas, but these benefits were not found among those in high air pollution areas.

“More research is needed, but if our findings were to be replicated, public policies could be used to address the issue of people’s exposure to air pollution during exercise,” continued Furlong. significant air pollution from traffic, the promotion of running or cycling along routes away from heavy traffic may be more beneficial. “

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