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Christmas: good dried fruit, choose between pasta or panettone

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(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 18 – Christmas is just around the corner and those who want to sit down at the table with serenity, keeping an eye on maintaining physical fitness, but above all the state of health, have many allies among the typical foods of the period.

Among these, “dried fruit, a simple and healthy snack or hunger breaker with an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, rich in fiber and proteins that give us satiety. A panacea in days when sugars are abused”: this is the advice of Gemma Fabozzi, nutritionist at the B-Woman center for women’s health and professor of the Master in Biology of nutrition for human reproduction at the Sapienza University of Rome.

According to the expert, “it will certainly not be a single day of exception at the table that will invalidate the work done in the previous days or months following a healthy diet. another holiday, emphasizes the nutritionist – we go out for lunch or with relatives, we can safely eat everything that is proposed to us by checking, perhaps, the amount of total sugars we consume. This means that if we eat pasta, we will try to avoid eating even fruit and panettone “.

In addition, the day after or the evening itself, “compensate not with fasting, which is harmful to our body, but by choosing foods that facilitate the functionality of our organs, especially liver detoxification. Such as a carpaccio of seasoned raw artichokes with oil and lemon, or herbal teas of thistle, artichoke and rosemary consumed after meals “.



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Source From: Ansa

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