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NFTs of the game between Palmeiras and Corinthians have low demand on Binance

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The NFTs of the match between Palmeiras and Corinthians had relatively low demand (Image: Binance/Reproduction)

For the match between Palmeiras and Corinthiansfur Paulista championshiplast Thursday (17), the Binance crypto exchange announced that the goals of the match would be sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on your platform.

The NFTs of the match, which ended with a score of 2 to 1 for Palmeiras, were made available on the broker’s platform in video format, right after the occurrence of each goal.

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The three non-fungible tokens were available for 24 hours, which ended on Friday night (18).

In addition to the NFT, the winner of the auction for each goal will receive an official custom Penalty Ball used in the match.

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While the initiative has excited crypto fans and enthusiasts, the match’s NFTs have been in relatively low demand.

The first goal of the game, scored by Palmeiras at 28:13 of the first half, received 29 bids on the Binance platform, and ended up being sold for 35 BUSD, around R$175.80.

The BUSD cryptocurrency is the stablecoin dollar-backed crypto exchange.

The second goal of the match was scored by Corinthians, at 15:33 of the second half. The NFT corresponding to the goal received 16 bids, and was sold for 19 BUSD, about R$95.45.

The NFTs for the first and second goals were scored by the same user, identified as “AiViO_23”, on the Binance platform.

Finally, the third and final goal of the match was scored by Palmeiras, at 23:11 of the second half. The NFT of this goal obtained 17 bids, and was sold for 41 BUSD, about R$205.97. The user identified as “Anonymous-User-bb6be” was the one who won the last NFT of the match.

Although the fundraising expectations for each NFT were not disclosed, it is noted that the demand for them and the value obtained were relatively low, given that it was a classic match of the championship and the largest crypto exchange in the world.

In total, the three NFTs of the game between Palmeiras and Corinthians were acquired for R$ 477.25.

NFTs and a historic milestone in football

Despite that, what was done with NFTs in the match was something of a history. The game marked the first time in world football history that fans had the opportunity to own a real-time moment, which has become a collectible asset.

Binance’s initiative to sponsor the Paulista Championship was commented on by CEO and founder of crypto exchange, Changpeng Zhaothat said:

“By supporting sports around the world, as in this partnership with Paulistão, Binance can do a lot to create these opportunities for the sports community and generate a positive impact on society as a whole,” said Zhao.

Source: Moneytimes

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