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    These are the 3 dividend stocks to face in the second half; Look

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    Dividends should provide protection in the second half, which will see a lot of volatility.

    With a scenario of volatility and full of uncertainties, investing in stocks that pay dividends it can be a good way out both to protect yourself and to earn with the proceeds.

    According to analyst Murilo Breder, from NuInvestthe companies that pay dividends continue to demonstrate their resilience in the midst of the stock market’s troubled scenario.

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    “This is because, for a company to distribute earnings, it is usually already at a mature stage, its product and/or service has already been tested in the market, it is a profitable company and its indebtedness is under control. These characteristics form a kind of natural selection that helps us to defend ourselves in times of fall”, he explains.

    He recalls that the market is cyclical and, at this exact moment, the payers of dividends are on the crest of the wave.

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    “As they are very resilient companies, it is very unlikely to see assets with these characteristics having more expressive drops than the market average”, he adds.

    However, he recalls that the Ibovespa and Small Caps Index trading at the lows in terms of the P/E multiple (price over earnings), at some point in the future, other companies must also react.

    O Money Times asked Guilherme Gentile, head of analysis at the dividends.me platform, to indicate the dividend stocks for the second half of the year.

    Here are the dividend stocks:

    Copel, the electric that can’t be missed

    THE Copel (CPLE3) is one of the largest companies in the energy sector in the country and went public in 1997.

    It operates on practically all fronts in this sector: generation (57%), transmission (11%), distribution (20%) and commercialization (14%) of energy, being a well diversified player within its sources of revenue.

    “Despite being a state-owned company, that is, its controlling interest belongs to the state of Paraná, it has managed to significantly improve its corporate governance in recent years, whether in the creation of statutes, moving to level 2 of B3 and even a CEO with experience market instead of controller indications”, says Gentile.

    Last week, the consortium made up of Engie Brazil (EGIE3) and Copel qualified to compete in the transmission auction held at B3, in São Paulo, but did not submit an offer.

    “The market expectation is for a dividend yield in 2022 of 10% for the company, however, if it does not find attractive opportunities to invest its surplus capital, it is quite possible that extraordinary distributions will happen”, he says.

    light metal

    THE Mahle Metal Light (LIGHT3) is a Brazilian company focused on the manufacture of automotive parts. was acquired by Mahlea world-renowned German multinational in this segment.

    The company segregates its activities into two segments, the original equipment segment, linked to the automakers themselves, and the aftermarket, which would basically be spare parts.

    “Because it has a controller abroad and likes to be remunerated through dividends, the company usually distributes 100% of its net income for the year, and historically has a dividend yield of 10%, that is, for investors who like the dividend strategy , this company fits in perfectly,” says Gentile.

    Return over Taurus

    THE taurus (TASA4) is a company in the defense segment, leader in the manufacture of revolvers and pistols, in addition to manufacturing other weapons.

    The company reported net income of R$ 195 million. Compared to 1Q21, the value grew 186.3%.

    THE Net Revenue also improved, expanding 22.8% and reaching R$ 676.6 million. O EBITDA adjusted grew 37.6% and reached R$ 242.6 million, at the margin of 35.9%.

    Gentile recalls that the company’s history was a little troubled at the beginning of the decade, culminating in a series of mistakes and difficulties that generated recurring losses.

    “However, in 2015, there was a change in the controller and its entire board, which resulted in a successful turnaround, completely eliminating its indebtedness and improving its product, which resulted in a company that today generates cash”, he adds.

    In the last two years, the company has had a good time, surfing the increase in demand for weapons in the United States, which today represents about 80% of its revenue.

    “With the debt resolved and the company’s equity today in the positive, it enabled the taurus to distribute dividends in the 1st half of 2022 of around BRL 1.62 per share, representing a dividend yield of around 9.77%”,

    Despite this, the analyst says that the big question that remains is how much of this great demand will continue in the current year, “which makes it difficult to estimate how much its result will be, but if it maintains the same profit as the previous year and distributes 50 % of that profit, would generate a dividend of R$2.67 per share, which would result in a dividend yield, based on the current price of 16%”.

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