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Azul (BLUE4), Gol (GOLL4) and Latam will make you postpone the holidays; understand

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Beach, Disney or Europe? Forgets! Find out why Azul, Gol and Latam will postpone their vacation trip in the coming months (Image: Pixabay)

Missing traveling, huh? But maybe the vacation trip just feel comfortable in the face of rising prices for airline tickets, both for domestic and international flights. Companies absorb the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to rising fuel prices. Still in the basket of reasons to travel then there is the exchange rate and inflation that haunts Brazil and the world.

However, while you put off visiting the beaches of the Northeast, Disney or Europe, the airlines Blue, Gol and Latam saw their revenues soar in the second quarter, driven precisely by the rise in ticket prices – despite the weaker comparison base, since, in the second quarter of 2021, the return of air travel was in its infancy.

price in the heights

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In July, the country’s official inflation index (IPCA) registered deflation of 0.68%, driven by Transport, the group with the greatest impact on the indicator in the month, with a decrease of 4.51%. Even with the drop in fuel prices, airfares rose 8.02% last month, down from 11.32% in June. In the 12-month period up to last month, ticket prices rose 77.7%.

A survey by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) pointed out that the average airfare price in Brazil – considering Azul, Gol and Latam – it rose 48.5% in May compared to the same month last year, from R$ 459.79 to R$ 682.60. This is the latest data from the regulatory body.

Brigadier Heaven

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THE passage of blue was the one that rose the most in a year, with the average price at BRL 777.75which justifies the airline’s record revenue in the second quarter, totaling R$ 3.92 billion, more than double what was seen a year earlier and 50% above pre-pandemic levels.

THE goal revenue was not far from the one reported by Azul, reaching R$ 3.2 billion between April and June, more than 210% above the amount calculated in the same period last year. The passage was R$ 243 more expensiveon average, in one year.

the value of Latam ticket advanced R$ 220 in 12 months, rising to R$ 620.62 in May this year. In the wake of Azul and Gol, the total net operating revenue of the Latam group (including the Brazilian market) jumped 150.5% in the second quarter, to US$ 2.22 billion.

Higher on the route

This week, Azul executives told investors and journalists that they see a growth in demand for corporate travel, which is more profitable than leisure travel. As a result, they expect further price increases throughout the second half of the year.

Recently, the National Confederation of Commerce in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) said that it foresees up between 5% and 10% in ticket prices in the coming months.

If you plan to travel over the next holidays, the end of the year or the January holidays, prepare your pocket!

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