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    Accountant’s Day: “A profession that you hardly ever get unemployed”, says chairman of the Accounting Council

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    See what are the current challenges for accounting professionals; Accountant’s Day is celebrated on September 22 (Image: Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash)

    On the 22nd of September, this Thursday, the Accountant’s Day. The profession emerged in Brazil in 1770, when the King of Portugal, Dom José, made the registration of the professional known as “bookkeeper” mandatory.

    The regulation of the profession took place in 1870. After 252 years of its emergence in Brazil, professionals in the Accounting area are now facing new challenges.

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    Environmental, social and governance issues ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate), cryptocurrencieszero carbon and metaverseare demanding behavioral changes, improvement and a new vision from workers in the sector.

    The profession

    In the State of São Paulo alone, there are currently 153,000 registered accounting professionals, of which more than 100,000 are accountants.

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    To enter the area,first step is to take the undergraduate course in Csciences Çuntable and, after that, take the exam of the regional council of the state that plans to exercise the career.

    There are still the sspecific eguiments, such as, for example, companies independent with performance in Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)which requires a technical qualification exam with records specific proven annually.

    José Aparecido Maion is president of the Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo (CRCSP)
    José Aparecido Maion is president of the Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo (CRCSP) (Image: Disclosure)

    For the president of the Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo (CRCSP), José Aparecido Maion, the Accountant’s Day is a date to celebrate the new technologies and transformations.

    These, according to him, only increase the importance and responsibility of accounting professionals, in the dissemination of correct information related to new topics. “They increase responsibility, but also open the way to new professional possibilities,” he says.

    The accountant, says the president of the CRCSP, is essential in supporting the conduct of business, in adequate tax planning and, fundamentally, in the transparency of the accountability of institutions, being “a profession that difficultly you are unemployed”.

    New challenges: ESG, carbon credit and the metaverse

    For Maion, the relevance of this professional is noticeable, for example, with the recent cases of ESG and carbon credit.

    What is demonstrated, according to him, by the lack of norms that standardize the items that must be measured and disclosed by the companiesmaking each one demonstrate the results in the balance sheets in different ways and without unified criteria.

    According to the International Sustainability Standards Council (ISSB), created in November 2021, the first standards on the subject should be published in 2023.

    Another topic that still does not have clear rules is the metaverse, which has attracted a large number of people and companies.

    This universe is already generating services and products, but, for the president of CRCSP, “we cannot escape the replications of reality. Users will need accounting professionals and their knowledge to manage their business, after all, the virtual world is not immune to these needs”.

    According to Maion, the market opportunity for the metaverse could reach US$ 800 billion (approximately R$ 4 trillion) by 2024.

    These changes require the professional to be constantly updated, since many of them follow the market needs.

    But the “andspecialist in the area has a high and good remuneration”, adds the president of the CRCSP who congratulates the Brazilian accountants and wishes them “success, transparency and ethics”.

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