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    15 real estate funds with a return above the Selic rate of 13.75%; see the list

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    Check out the real estate funds that pay more than the current Selic (Image: Money Times/ Márcio Juliboni)

    It is no secret to investors that the monetary tightening policy adopted by the Central Bank (BC) in recent months has had a negative impact on variable income. This happens, among other things, because of the relationship between risk and return.

    This Wednesday (21), however, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) of the BC decided to maintain the Selic rate at 13.75% per year, the highest level since January 2017. The maintenance took place after 12 hikes consecutive years since March last year, when it was at an all-time low of 2%.

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    Regarding the end of the cycle, the Copom said in a statement that “it will remain vigilant, assessing whether the strategy of maintaining the basic interest rate for a sufficiently long period will be able to ensure the convergence of inflation”.

    Despite the high level of the Selic, in general, penalizing the variable income market, there are risk assets that benefit from the rise, such as real estate funds that have yields indexed to the basic interest rate. In other words, the higher the Selic, the greater the return of this FII class.

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    In addition, there are also real estate funds that use inflationary indicators in their contracts and that continue to pay dividends above the current interest rate.

    In this context, Money Times separated 15 real estate funds with dividend yields above the Selic by 13.75%. The survey was made with data from TradeMap, closing on September 21 this year.

    Check out 15 real estate funds with dividend returns above the Selic:

    Real Estate Fund ticker Return with dividends (12 months)
    Riza Akin RZAK11 18.68%
    Riza Arctium Real Estate ARCT11 18.03%
    Urca Prime Income URPR11 17.35%
    Valora Hedge Fund VGHF11 17.05%
    AF Invest CRI AFHI11 16.49%
    Real Estate Receivables Cartesia CACR11 16.45%
    Reit Lobby Real Estate Receivables ARRI11 16.37%
    Valora CRI Price Index VGIP11 16.35%
    Nch Eqi High Yield Receivables NCHB11 16.13%
    Ourinvest JPP OUJP11 16.13%
    Vectis Real Interest VCJR11 15.91%
    Polo Cred Imob PORD11 15.78%
    Devant Real Estate Receivables DEVA11 15.60%
    EC hectare HCTR11 15.28%

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