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Cryptocurrency platform Bitso lays off employees on Tuesday

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(Image: Pixabay/ RosZie)

the platform of cryptocurrencies Bitso dismissed employees on Tuesday (29). As a Bitso official, who declined to be identified, told the Crypto Times, the company’s employees received an invitation to a meeting the day before, which took place today at 1 pm. At the meeting, he and his team were dismissed from the company.

“On the team I was on were [desligadas] four people, but there is another team with six more. So far it seems to me that there were 110 people, but this is a very subjective number because we don’t have that information”, she says.

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According to the employee who declined to be identified, from yesterday to today there was a very abnormal silence and they didn’t know for sure what was going on.

“Obviously we knew that the market was on fire, bleeding, but at no time did we expect that there would be cuts, even more suddenly. We lost access to everything, after the meeting we were all turned off, ”she says.

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In an official statement from Bitso, the company says:

“Like all companies, we assess our business priorities regularly and make appropriate structural adjustments. We work in a fast-paced industry that requires us to constantly redeploy our high-value skills so that we can move faster and faster towards where customers want us to be, considering the long-term needs of our business, the market and the sector.

Bitso will continue to invest in the development of new products to fulfill its mission of making crypto useful and ensure the company maintains its leadership and strength in the region.”

Bitso is a cryptocurrency platform originally from Mexico, which arrived in Brazil last year and since then has been announcing several new features such as Bitso+ – platform income tool -, BitsoPay – tool for payments with crypto assets through QR Code and sponsored the São Paulo Sport Club soccer team.

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