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Why Elon Musk snubbed this $600,000 fan gift?

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Many new cryptos have been created in recent years around more innovative ideas than others. The goal of the creators of Elon GOAT Token (GOAT meaning Greatest of All Timethe greatest of all time in French) seems to only focus on one passion: Elon Musk.

The Elon GOAT Token was launched in January 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain. In the white paper we quickly understand that with this token, everything is a question of marketing and image. The document begins: “$EGT adopts as a strategic positioning to become a token taxed at 0%”.

It was nice try, but Elon Musk will not legitimize the Elon GOAT Token…

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Further on we read: “The central catalyst for making $EGT marketing both unique and viral is focused on getting the attention of Elon Musk”. And for that, what better than to order the construction of a 6-ton statue bearing the image of the contractor. A statue, named “GOATsgiving” to “biblical dimensions” designed as “a tribute and a humorous offering to the man himself”.

As you can see in the featured image, the huge statue shows a figure with a strange body flanked by the head of Elon Musk, astride a Starship rocket tilted at 45°. Some will find that the body of the contractor makes him look like a cyber-caterpillar, but the instigators of the statue prefer to speak of the “greatest body ever”.

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The statue, mounted on a semi-trailer, was to tour the United States, before being delivered to Elon Musk at Tesla HQ. The firm describes its monument thus: “the concept was designed by Danny Wang Design, a studio based in Los Angeles. Elon’s nearly 2-meter head was sculpted by Kevin Stone in Canada, an artist recognized by the contractor. The coolest rocket and body ever was made in Phoenix, Arizona by Spectacle Works, the acclaimed craftsmen behind the Burning Man festival sets.

With so much glitter, one could have imagined Elon Musk welcoming the monument with open arms, even letting out a small emotional tear. Even – and this is what the instigators of the token hoped above all – for the entrepreneur to mention the gift to his more than 100 million followers. But Elon Musk preferred to ignore the gift from the creators of Elon GOAT Token, for now. Ashley Sansalone, in charge of cryptocurrency development, still wants to believe it: “a tweet from Elon would legitimize the token…”.

For now, the $EGT token is insignificant in the crypto world. The crypto was ranked 3010th by CoinMarketCap with a total capitalization of $4.2 million… compared to $12.5 billion for the Dogecoin which the entrepreneur regularly refers to.

Source: Presse-Citron

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