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Ferbasa (FESA3;FESA4) will pay R$69.2 million in dividends and JCP next month; see conditions

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Payments of proceeds will take place on December 23 (Image: Disclosure / Ferbasa)

The board of directors of Ferbasa 🇧🇷FESA3🇧🇷FESA4) approved this Tuesday (29) the distribution of approximately R$ 69.2 million in interest on own capital (JCP) and complementary dividends🇧🇷

The payment in JCP is in the global amount of R$30.6 million, excluding the withholding income tax discount, of which R$9.93 million is due to shareholders holding common shares, equivalent to R$0.33799637096 per common share, and R$20.7 million owed to holders of preferred shares, equivalent to R$0.37179600805 per preferred share.

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As for supplementary dividends, the global amount is R$38.6 million, of which R$12.5 million are due to shareholders holding common shares, equivalent to R$0.42573668715 per common share, and R$26 million are due to shareholders holding preferred shares, equivalent to R$0.46831035587 per preferred share.

The amounts will be imputed in anticipation of the amount of the mandatory dividend for the 2022 fiscal year.

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Proceeds are based on the shareholding position on December 8, 2022. The shares will be traded “ex-rights” on December 9, 2012. Payment will occur on December 23, 2022.

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