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Planner scales Itaú (ITUB4), Totvs (TOTS3) and Hypera (HYPE3) in portfolio for December

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Planner scales three new stocks into its monthly recommended portfolio (Image: Diana Cheng/Money Times)

THE planner made three changes to its recommended wallet monthly for December.

With that, leave Itaúsa 🇧🇷ITSA4🇧🇷 Moved 🇧🇷MOVI3) and Sum 🇧🇷SUM3🇧🇷 and the shares of the hypera 🇧🇷HYPE3🇧🇷 Itau 🇧🇷ITUB4) and totvs 🇧🇷TOTS3🇧🇷

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In the last month, Planner’s recommended portfolio fell by 10.12%, compared to a 3.06% decline in the Ibovespaits reference index.

The analysis house points out that the month of November was marked by pressure on the stock market which, in addition to the political and economic scenario full of uncertainties, had the end of the season of results for the third quarter with weak performance in several sectors.

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On the external side, he points out that the instability in the major economies also continues to worry the markets🇧🇷


Planner points out that the stock came from a strong appreciation in October (14.8%) and in November it went through profit taking with the stock market doing poorly. In this way, they see the opportunity to enter the paper.

In addition, the company declared Interest on Equity of BRL 194.8 million in the third quarter of 2022.


Regarding Itaú, the inclusion of the share is due to the greater drop in relation to the shares of Holding Itaúsa, in a view of arbitrage between the two assets and the prospect of solid results in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Finally, Planner explains that the entry with the Totvs share in the portfolio is due to the retreat of the last few weeks.

See the recommended portfolio for December:

Source: Moneytimes

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