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Activates team scale of real estate funds with dividends of up to 16% for December

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A selection of real estate funds to bet on in December, according to Ativa, which increased exposure to receivables (Image: Freepik)

THE Activate Investments made two trades in his recommended wallet of real estate funds 🇧🇷FIIs) for December.

For the last month of the year, the brokerage withdrew positions in funds Guardian Logistics (GALG11) and HSI Malls 🇧🇷HSML11🇧🇷 According to the analysis house, the exchange was carried out to increase exposure to funds with receivables indexed to the CDI against the scenario of future interest rates.

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With that, the bottom entered Valora RE III 🇧🇷VGIR11), Besides CSHG Urban Income 🇧🇷HGRU11), which is a fund with good fundamentals for the long term, in addition to being dispersed and actively managed, says Ativa Investimentos.

In November, the portfolio of FIIs of the brokerage had a devaluation of 4.48%, while the industry reference index, the IFIX retreated 4.15%.

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In the accumulated of 12 months, however, the portfolio has risen by 15.6%, against the advance of 11.2% of its reference index.

See the recommended real estate funds for December

Background ticker Weight Dividend Yeld (12m)
Mauá Capital Real Estate Receivables MCCI11 10.0% 13.00%
CSHG Real Estate HGRE11 10.0% 7.80%
REC Real Estate Receivables RECR11 10.0% 15.80%
Mahogany CRI High Grade MGCR11 10.0% 13.90%
Valora Re III VGIR11 10.0% 14.60%
Bresco LogĂ­stica BRCO11 7.5% 7.00%
CSHG Real Estate Receivables HGCR11 10.0% 12.50%
Patria LogĂ­stica HSLG11 10.0% 8.60%
CSHG Urban Income HGRU11 7.5% 8.30%
VBI Prime Properties PVBI11 7.5% 7.00%
NCH ​​Brazil Receivables NCHB11 7.5% 16.40%

Source: Moneytimes

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