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iPod designer partners with Ledger and announces new wallet model

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The pass costs 0.22 Ethers, or US$276.09, and entitles you to two exclusives in addition to the device itself (Image: Twitter/Ledger)

Ledger announced this Tuesday (6) the launch of a new cold custody wallet called Ledger Stax🇧🇷 The design of the crypto escrow device was a collaboration between Ledger and Tony Fadell, the designer of the iPod.

The company plans to launch the Ledger Stax in the first quarter of 2023, including shipments worldwide via the official website Ledger.com. The device features a curved E Ink screen that displays artwork chosen by users even when the device is turned off.

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The device uses a USB-C connection to connect to laptops and Bluetooth to connect to the Ledger Live Mobile app on smartphones.

“With the Ledger Nano series, we have created the most successful digital asset security hardware portfolio ever – with more than 5 million sold and not one hacked,” says Pascal Gauthier, CEO and President of Ledger.

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“Digital assets are increasingly about identity and digital ownership, not just cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Now is the time for a device for more common users. At the same time, we must not compromise on security. This is Ledger Stax – safe and affordable.”

Ledger Connect, the company’s upcoming crypto wallet extension, will also allow it to connect to Web3 applications. Ledger Stax also supports wireless Qi charging.

The design was done by Tony Fadell, a Silicon Valley executive known as the father of the iPod.

Tony Fadell, Designer at Ledger Stax and Director of Build Collective, comments: “Researching Ledger’s proven security technology and trying out all the ‘best’ hardware wallets out there convinced me to build a state-of-the-art device with Pascal, Ian and the incredible team at Ledger.”

“We need a user-friendly… no! A user-friendly tool to bring digital asset security to the rest of us, not just the geeks.”

In addition to the device, the novelty announced is the possibility for the user to mint a NFT which guarantees some exclusivities related to the new Ledger product.

“Ledger Stax is also available in the market [Ledger] with something extra. For a limited time, qualifying users can mint an exclusive Ledger Stax NFT Package via [L] Market …. Art on Ledger Stax Collection – a random generative artwork by a noted digital artist.”

The pass costs 0.22 Ethers, or $276.09, and entitles you to two exclusives in addition to the device itself.

A free Ledger Stax device and Magnet Shell – protective cover for the device – at shop.ledger.com starting December 19th. The product will begin shipping in late March 2023.

In addition to “a random artwork from the ‘Art on Ledger Stax Collection’ on the [L] Market in March 2023.”

Source: Moneytimes

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