R$ 1 million with cryptocurrencies 2023: these 14 cryptocurrencies can make a little money become 1 million

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THE Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies have been largely responsible for transforming the financial lives of many people around the world.

If your grandparents’ generation got rich with real estate and many of your parents or friends made money with stocks, now young people are getting rich with so-called cryptocurrencies.

They are the ones who, in a short time and with little money, are managing to change the lives of people, families and even children.

The young German Erik Finman is a great example of this. His case became known worldwide. He made a bet with his parents when he was 12 years old in 2012.

The bet was simple, but challenging: if the young man managed to become a millionaire before he turned 18, he could skip college and lead his life as he saw fit.

His parents accepted, after all, they were sure that an unemployed 12-year-old teenager with no experience would not be able to accomplish the feat that even they had achieved in just a few years. It wasn’t a bad deal for the young man either.

After all, if it didn’t work out, he would follow his life as most of us do: looking for a job to pay the bills and live life. On the other hand, if he won, his life would be completely transformed.

What his parents didn’t expect is that at just 18 years old, Finman would not only have become a millionaire, but would move house to live alone in Palo Alto, buy his first car (an Audi R8) and at 22 he would have much more than US $1 million in your account.

All because the young man decided to make an investment of US$ 1,000, which he had received from his grandmother for his birthday, in Bitcoin. He got to know cryptocurrency by going to a protest against the 2008 financial crisis with his brother.

At the time he managed to buy 100 units of the currency with that amount and when he turned 18 those 100 Bitcoin units were worth much more than $1 million.

It seems something easy and simple, but the truth is many had the same chance as the young investor. But few took advantage. Greg, for example, became known for the opposite reason.

In 2011 he also bought Bitcoin, but sold it because the cryptocurrency had tripled in value and for him that return was good enough, as you can see in the tweet he posted at the time:

He had 1,700 Bitcoins that he bought at 6 cents and sold at 30 cents. The regret is that Bitcoin, in 2011, reached the level of US$ 8 – which for him was expensive at the time.

Imagine how Greg is feeling today, since those same 1,700 Bitcoins are worth US$ 39 million – more than R$ 150 million at the current exchange rate.

Today, unfortunately, it is not possible to buy Bitcoin for cents, but there are other small, embryonic and unknown cryptocurrencies that, like Bitcoin, also cost cents. For crypto experts, some of these coins could skyrocket from now on and create new millionaires.

Fortunately, many will be able to buy them and have the chance to have their lives transformed just like the young German did. Others will leave it for later, or sell it too soon, like Greg and go down in history for the wrong reason.

Opportunities within this market are there and arise every day, month and year to the point of Erik Finman saying a sentence that won the spotlight:

‘If you don’t become a millionaire with cryptocurrency this time, it will be your fault’

And he is not the only one who believes in this idea. Here in Brazil, a cryptocurrency analyst made the news because of his latest project.

The next millionaire story could be yours

he owns a list of cryptocurrencies which according to his evaluation has everything to form new millionaires starting as early as 2023. By the way… in his words:

“I am not guessing or guessing that whoever invests in these coins will have a chance to become a millionaire starting now in 2023….I am AFFIRMING: invest in these coins NOW” – Vinicius Bazan

The analyst’s words gain strength because it is the same analysis department that has already managed to indicate the cryptocurrencies that formed new millionaires with an investment of BRL 4,000 and in just 10 months.

On February 15th, the team of specialists sent a buy alert for the AXS asset when it was still at 50 cents on the dollar. Just 10 months later, the cryptocurrency reached its all-time high as it soared to $160 and multiplied the money of those who invested in it by 320 times.

The recommendation, from the indication date to the historic top yielded a 31,900% return. Those who followed the recommendation at the time could stay millionaire with only R$ 4,000 and in 10 months.

As the team knows that past returns do not guarantee future returns and what is in the past is past, it wants to repeat the dose and make their work even more known through new nominations, in addition to AXS.

On February 06th in a free online broadcast. This team selected 14 cryptocurrencies which, according to them, can form new millionaires already starting in 2023.

Next, I show the reasons that lead them to believe in this thesis.

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it does rhyme: and the ‘roadmap’ to having the chance to become a millionaire again is forming

After a rocky 2022, cryptocurrencies are back in 2023. Bitcoin is already up 38% while other smaller cryptocurrencies are rising much more.

  • The Gala cryptocurrency has already risen 200% and tripled the money of those who invested in it;
  • The digital asset Stepen hit a rally of more than 100% and doubled its investors’ money;
  • Descentraland was another one that started the year doubling the money of those who invested in it, appreciating 136%

And this is just the beginning of the movement that could form new millionaires, who knows, even this year.

Maybe you don’t know, but 2023 is predicted to be a year of strong appreciation for Bitcoin and, consequently, for other smaller cryptocurrencies that take advantage of the BTC rise to rise even more. Several experts in this market are waiting for it.

All because of its most important update: Halving. This is a periodic update of bitcoin, which tends to reduce the supply of cryptocurrency in circulation. And the consequence of this is well known to economists: when supply falls, the price tends to rise.

Although it only happens in 2024, the valuations that come from it always start to occur one year before the Halving. The graph below illustrates this dynamic well:

The white line represents the halving. Note that the valuations always start a year before the halving to explode for good in the year of the halving.

It’s investors anticipating the obvious. After all, it is mathematical that Bitcoin tends to appreciate after this event. Since it cuts Bitcoin production in half while the demand for the coin only increases year after year. It is the law of supply and demand.

This factor alone would be strong enough to cause true supermultiplications in the market.

However, the highs became even stronger due to another factor, which added to the Halving, caused digital currencies to explode this year.

The cryptocurrency market is not in a bubble. In addition to internal factors, such as the halving itself, it also depends on macroeconomic factors around the world. And one of them caused the cryptocurrency market to suffer last year.

I’m talking about the increase in interest rates in the US, which after 2 years at the lowest, were raised to the highest levels since 1994 to contain American inflation.

In case you didn’t know, the US interest rate is the great conductor of the global financial market. When it rises, what we see is, generally, variable income assets, especially those linked to technology, depreciate. But when it falls, what we see tends to be the opposite.

This happened from 2020 to 2021, when the Fed (Federal Reserve, the US central bank) was forced to reduce interest rates to historic lows due to the pandemic. In that period, Bitcoin rose by about 789%.

Already in 2022 the bill arrived and American inflation began to worry the Fed. As a result, what we saw was a drastic increase that caused the stock and cryptocurrency markets to undergo a major correction period.

However, in early 2023, US inflation data released a positive surprise for the market.

While the CPI (consumer price index, which measures inflation) was negative at -0.1% month on month – in line with what the market expected – the PPI (producer price index) was negative at -0 .5%.

As the graph below shows, it appears that US inflation has peaked and is now declining:

Source: JPMorgan, Chase Co.

This shows a downward trend in prices, which started at producers, but which tends to reach consumer prices over time.

Inflation control is excellent for variable income investments, especially cryptocurrencies, as if inflationary data continues to regress, it may mean that the Fed will stop raising interest rates and, over time, reduce them again.

This was one of the biggest “elephants” in the room for the crypto market and technology in general. It was he who prevented possible appreciation of these assets, no matter how good the indicators for their respective markets were.

The movie has already started, but it’s still far from the best part

The sum of these two factors caused some cryptocurrencies to skyrocket in early 2023. Bitcoin rises 32% and other smaller cryptocurrencies rise even more. See for yourself the profitability of all assets on the analyst’s million list:

Source: coinmarketcap / Date: 01/01/2023 to 01/18/2023

Who listened to Bazan and invested in coins from your listwas able to earn a lot of money in just the first two weeks, for example – and better, investing in serious projects, selected by a team of specialists who study this market every day.

And don’t worry: because according to experts, they all tend to go even further. Just remember that the objective of the project is to make little money and make R$ 1 million starting in 2023.

As much as tripling the money in 18 days is good, it doesn’t make anyone a millionaire – unless the person is already rich.

So if you want to become a millionaire starting in 2023, there’s still time to invest in this list of cryptocurrencies.

R$ 1 million in your account: the story of your life can be different from the 6th

From now on, the choice is yours: you have the chance to become Erik Finman from 2023…

Or Greg:

The choice you make here today could be largely responsible for changing your financial life forever.

If you choose not to watch the broadcast, your life continues as it is. Now, if you watch free broadcast and investing in the indicated currencies, little money, will open an opportunity for you to be a millionaire in a few years or months.

THE list of cryptocurrencies that can change your life forever will be revealed on the 6th. And you can watch the broadcast for free by clicking on the link and registering for the event.

It’s a gamble that’s definitely worth taking. Even more so when it comes to the analysis department that made several people become millionaires with their indications.

The data indicate that 2023 tends to be a year of growth and 2024 an even more explosive year. A lot of people will pay to see it and stay out. Others will have a serious chance to become millionaires without work or effort. It costs nothing to at least know what it is.

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