Day Trade: Klabin (KLBN11), Engie (EGIE3) and 7 more shares to buy this Friday and seek up to 3.66%

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O PagBankO BTG Pactual and the Now released their investment recommendations for this Friday (31). To the actions suggested are from graphic analysts, who use a methodology that seeks to anticipate very short-term trends.

The indicated actions

Company ticker Entry (BRL) 1st target (BRL) earning potential 2nd target (BRL) earning potential Stop (BRL)
Klabin KLBN11 18.30 18.55 1.37% 18.17
Iochpe-Maxion MYPK3 12.13 12.30 1.40% 12.04
Suzano SUZB3 43.15 43.77 1.44% 42.83
Company ticker Entry (BRL) 1st target (BRL) earning potential 2nd target (BRL) earning potential Stop (BRL)
Arezzo ARZZ3 66.16 67.59 2.16% 68.29 3.22% 64.98
Moved MOVI3 7.93 8.14 2.65% 8.22 3.66% 7.73
GPA PCAR3 15.08 15.39 2.06% 15.54 3.05% 14.75
Company ticker Entry (BRL) 1st target (BRL) earning potential 2nd target (BRL) earning potential Stop (BRL)
Minerva Foods BEEF3 11.16 11.34 1.61% 11.50 3.05% 10.99
TIM TIMS3 13.15 13.34 1.44% 13.50 2.66% 13.03
Engie EGIE3 40.53 41 1.16% 41.69 2.86% 40.09

Remember that every investment involves risk and therefore there is no guarantee of return. Therefore, respect the stops indicated – points where losses become intolerable and it is better to clear positions.

Check out the investment methodology and analysts’ warnings:

  • PagBank Methodology: the Day Trade report, is composed of papers for buying and selling on the same day. It was developed considering very short-term strategies. For asset purchases, it is recommended that this be done at the time of activation of the entry price, when the price is above (buy)/below (sell) the entry point (gap opening), it should be disregarded. If the asset opens with a price above or below the recommended price, also disregard the operation. Among the recommendations, analysts suggest partial, that is, a point to realize part of the profit of your operation to minimize the risk and realize part of the gain of the operation. Still on the partial, the recommendation is that when triggered, the stop be adjusted to the entry price. The stop must be entered as soon as the order is executed. If the asset price happens to be close to the target and does not reach it, the recommendation is to raise the stop to the partial price.
  • BTG Methodology: Suggested buy asset that has the open above the entry point should be discarded, as well as suggested sell asset that has the day’s open below the entry point. Upon reaching the partial, the operation must be reduced by 50% and the stop adjusted to the entry point. The stop should only be considered after opening a position. The quotation during the trading session at that point (suggested stop), without the operation being open does not invalidate it.
  • Agora Methodology: operations awaiting entry point, valid for today only. Stop loss value valid only after the trade has been entered. Returns are gross, free of brokerage and fees. If the asset opens with a gap, reaching the target before the entry price, the operation is cancelled.

Source: Moneytimes

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