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He wants to settle in the Royal Palace as Savoy heir, who has been removed

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Beijing 2022, the celebration of Arianna Fontana's eleventh medal (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, FEBRUARY 16 – It took the firefighters and even a dozen policemen to drive away a 37-year-old Australian who in the early afternoon showed up with a lot of baggage at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, claiming to be there legitimate heir of the House of Savoy and therefore the owner of the building.

The man went up to the first floor, where the entrance to the exhibitions is located around 1 pm and asked how to reach Palazzo Marino, the seat of the Municipality, the current owner of the building, saying he was the heir to the Kingdom of Italy.

He then came back an hour later, he put his bags down near the Green pass station and refused to leave his home. The intervention of the firefighters who do the fire service in the building where an exhibition on Magic Realism is underway and where the exhibition of the painter Joaquin Sorolla is being set up. The man refused to leave, also showing the documents he said he had sent to the Italian authorities, hindering the passage of visitors and staff carrying Sorolla’s works.

For this, the Police Headquarters was called, with two officials who, given the Australian’s intentions not to move, asked for the support of a dozen agents who identified and escorted him outside. A story that made those who dealt with the case a little worried but also smile, with someone who also remembered the scene of Tototruffa ’62 in which Totò had started to sell the Trevi fountain as an official cavalier Antonio Trevi to a tourist. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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