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They try to set fire to the disabled, hunt for those responsible

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Ansa Live at 3 pm (ANSA)

(ANSA) – CASTROVILLARI, 07 MAR – Unidentified people attempted to set fire to a 66-year-old disabled man with mental problems. The episode investigated by the carabinieri who are viewing some videos taken by video surveillance systems in the area happened yesterday evening in Castrovillari.

The man targeted, known and well-liked in the city of Pollino, was on the main street and, at a certain point, he realized that the jacket he was wearing was burning as well as the sweater. Someone, perhaps surprisingly from behind and using a lighter, had set the clothes on fire. A person, who was nearby, immediately intervened and the intervention meant that the sixty-six year old did not get burned.

The disabled person was accompanied to the emergency room of the Castrovillari hospital from where he was discharged after a few hours. There is strict confidentiality in the investigations of the military.


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Source: Ansa

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