Becoming a Carabiniere, from competition to training

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(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 28 – There are those who have taken an example at home and those who want to fight crime: for all of them becoming a carabiniere is a profession, but also – and often before that – a life choice. And the path is not easy. “To enroll in the Arma it is necessary to participate in a public competition which is published annually. You can enter in three different roles: officers, marshals and carabinieri. Currently there is a competition for the recruitment of 2,900 carabinieri”, explains the Marshal Rocco Zullo, teacher of the Carabinieri School of Rome in the ANSA podcast ‘The right thing’, in collaboration with the Arma dei Carabinieri.

Those who pass the selection access training, with the teaching of legal and military subjects and practical exercises. The path is different, longer, for leadership roles. In the case of aspiring marshals and officers, the training is also university-based. “We take care – says Zullo – of the moral growth of the student to train him in this profession. What can be noticed in the students who cross our gates is the great enthusiasm, the desire to make themselves available and sacrifice themselves for this choice of life”. (HANDLE).

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