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Pnrr: Gelmini, 135 million for “Green communities”

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135 million from the NRP will arrive in Italy to finance 33 “Green Communities”, local communities made up of rural and mountain areas that aim to exploit all the main resources at their disposal in a balanced and eco-sustainable way. This was explained by the Minister for Regional Affairs, Mariastella Gelmini, during the presentation of the first three pilot projects, today in Rome.
The three approved projects concern Piedmont (Terre del Monviso “), Emilia Romagna (the mountain union of the Reggio Apennines” The mountain of milk “) and Abruzzo (Sirente Velino Regional Park), to which 2 million each.
The 135 million of the Pnrr, pointed out Gelmini, “are added to the 100 million euros for 2022 envisaged by the budget law, which revised the fund for the mountains”. From 2023 “they will become 200 million, structural”.

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Source: Ansa

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