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Mother neglects feeding and school daughter, entrusted to her father

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(ANSA) – BARI, MAR 31 – The Civil Court of Bari, in a divorce case, has ordered “super exclusive custody” of the almost 9-year-old daughter to her father, “with a declaration of forfeiture of parental responsibility” of the mother and temporary suspension of mother / daughter relationships, “until the woman has fully recovered her parenting skills through a path of psychological support”. The sentence comes at the end of a divorce case that lasted over 3 years, starting from the appeal of the father who complained of not being able to see his daughter except “for a few minutes and only thanks to the teachers of the little girl before leaving school”, to because of the “persistent, blatant obstruction” of the ex-wife. The judges underline the “absolute inability of the mother to entrust herself to the minor’s joint custody”.

“The very serious circumstance – the sentence reads – which induced the daughter to reject the father figure cannot be neglected”; the woman also “proved to be completely intolerant of compliance with the prescriptions dictated by social services to manage father / daughter meetings”, failing to bring the child to the meetings without warning or bringing her late and “never intervened in an assertive manner , sincere and collaborative for the good of the daughter, neglecting to put the daughter’s well-being at the center of her actions “. Again, “systematically accompanying her daughter” to eat fast food “and in any case subjecting her to a diet not suited to her age, has determined her condition of evident obesity, exposing her to serious risks for her health” and “has shown that not being able to help and assist her adequately during the course of studies, if it is true that the child has a lack of academic performance that must be immediately recovered “.

On the basis of these assessments and pending a possible ruling by the juvenile magistracy, the ordinary court decided, in addition to the cessation of the civil effects of the marriage, to “unofficially provide for the declaration of forfeiture of parental authority” of the mother. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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