In Milan in June the first festival of the menstrual cycle

Jovanotti, WWF and Intesa Sanpaolo together for the protection of the territory (ANSA)

The first in Italy, one of the few in the world, the menstrual cycle festival, born from the ideas and synergies created by the first podcast in Italy on the subject, Eva in Rosso. “We organized it – explain the organizers on Produzioni dal basso, where a crowdfunding campaign is active – to inaugurate a new narration of the menstrual cycle, because even today it is seen as a taboo instead of being recognized as a fundamental issue for health and gender equality“.

To potential donors, the creators of the festival ask: “Did you know that until 2021 the menstrual aids had a VAT of 22% (as for luxury goods!) And that even today they are not considered” basic necessities “? that cycle-related pathologies, such as endometriosis, struggle to be diagnosed and treated correctly? “. Not to mention that “about 20% of girls and women between the ages of 15 and 35 have never had a gynecological examination”. Here’s why a menstrual cycle festival, that it will be “an opportunity in which to bring together various figures involved in menstrual disclosure. It is an event where you can get information, compare and – why not – have fun! We will do it – the creators anticipate – through a series of talks, workshops, shows, concerts, stand-up comedies, live shows and DJ sets. And we will talk about endometriosis, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, Tampon Tax, menarche, transphobia, menstrual health and hygiene, environmental impact, gender discrimination and conflicts (both those private with our body and those outside of us) “.

The festival is organized by Eva in Rosso together with Errante and Promise – two associations dealing with female empowerment – e Studio But Maybe – graphics and digital design. Usually every donation on a crowdfunding platform includes a gadget. In this case, it is a pack of sanitary towels to be sent to the Ukrainian border with the humanitarian caravans organized by Rob de Matt.

Source: Ansa

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