Killed in Brescia: under investigation subjected to a psychiatric report

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, MAY 06 – Giancarlo Bresciani, the 50-year-old accused of the murder of Jessica Mantovani, the 37-year-old killed by kicks and punches and found dead in the summer of 2019 in the hydroelectric plant of Prevalle, in Brescia, will be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

During the preliminary hearing, the gup of Brescia accepted the request for a conditional abbreviation to a psychiatric report on the man who has long been a drug addict and who, according to the consultants of the party, suffers from schizophrenia.

The hearing was adjourned to September 26th. Jessica Mantovani had spent part of her last evening in her life at Bresciani’s house where her father had accompanied her, who, when he returned to pick her up, did not find her. “I didn’t kill her.

She left and I don’t know where she went “explained Giancarlo Bresciani. (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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