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    When will the war between Russia and Ukraine end: forecast from astrologer Angela Pearl

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    The powerful influence of Saturn on the horoscope of Ukraine may not end this year.


    How Saturn affects the war in Ukraine / Photo: unsplash, instagram.com/angelapearlastrology, collage: Today

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    The main question that interests people in Ukraine and the world is when the war is over.
    Angela Pearl, a well-known astrologer with 20 years of experience from Australia, voiced her vision of the situation.

    In many ways, it connects the influence of the planet Saturn
    on relations and the situation in our country.

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    In 2022, Saturn passes three times in the horoscope of Ukraine along its Moon. Wherein Moon
    in the horoscope of the country symbolizes people.

    Those. the first time he passed. The beginning of the war is just the passage of Saturn, the most difficult period.

    Planet Saturn
    in astrology is responsible for order, diligence, willpower, overcoming difficulties. This is the planet of conservatism, the old system, and it is located in sign of Russia
    . In 2022, Saturn is in a very tense aspect with Uranus. After all, the whole military situation began at the confrontation of two planets – Saturn and Uranus. BUT Uranus
    is the planet of everything new, young, free and is in sign of Ukraine

    In summer, Saturn unfolds in the month of June and will go a second time again, in the same position. But these will be our offensive actions. There will be losses, it will be difficult, there will still be serious battles, but they will already drive the enemy out of the territory of Ukraine. Saturn turns around and moves back on June 5th. Those. the Russian army will begin to back away. Or they will stop, start digging in, defend themselves – something that will start pushing the aggressor’s army out. This is the second period of Saturn.

    Further, Angela Pearl names the period in late August and September 2022
    – when people start returning home to most of the territory of Ukraine.

    The third time that Saturn will pass through the same position is during the New Year and January. This is his last manifestation. Most likely, there are still possible some fights. The opposition of Saturn and Uranus ends only in the month of March – around March 8.

    According to the astrologer, March next year
    the situation in our country will change dramatically. It will be possible to sign some documents similar to a peace treaty or even to the capitulation of an aggressor. The main thing is that tension and confrontation will disintegrate.

    Watch the video of the forecast for the war in Ukraine from astrologer Angela Pearl:

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    Source: Segodnya

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