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A total screening of passengers was introduced at the Kiev railway station: what they are looking for and for how long

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Only for the first day revealed 6 cases of transportation of weapons and even ammunition

Now you need to arrive at the station in advance – with a margin of time to pass the “frame”

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On Thursday, June 9, at the central railway station in Kyiv they showed what the check of passengers, as well as meeting and seeing off citizens, is like. Yesterday the control system worked in a test mode, today it is already in operation.

In other words, the belongings and pockets of all those who enter the premises of the central railway station of the capital are now being carefully examined. They do this with the help of special scanners, which are placed in the lobby of the station. Ukrzaliznytsia took such measures because of the martial law in the country and the large number of weapons that ended up in the hands of Ukrainians. Correspondent “Today” found out how the check.

Now you need to arrive early.

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Yesterday, June 8, the scanners were working in test mode. Today is the first working day for them and the staff. Everyone who enters the station is now required to check their luggage, show the contents of their pockets and go through metal detector frames.

Passengers are screened with a hand-held metal detector. Photo: Igor Serov

Some of the passengers are also randomly screened with hand-held metal detectors. All this for everyone who wants to leave means that you need to arrive at the station in advance, approximately 30-40 minutes before the train departs.

Baggage moves along the conveyor and is checked by a special scanner. Photo: Igor Serov

As the head of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia Alexander Kamyshin explained, now the department is strengthening security measures, acting proactively.

“We want the stations and trains to remain a security zone, as they were during the first phase of the war. Yesterday (June 8 – Auth.) enhanced control began to work in a test mode. Today is the first working day. In the future, such measures will be taken on other railway stations,” Kamyshin said, adding that, first of all, we are talking about million-plus cities.

According to him, 7,000 people passed such a check yesterday. He also admitted that there was a “traffic jam” at the entrance.

“In the evening there was a traffic jam at the entrance. In 45 minutes we brought it to normal mode. Our task is to make sure that the norm for each person to pass is 3 minutes. We are working to ensure that stations and trains remain safe,” he summed up .

Even containers for animals are subject to inspection. Photo: Igor Serov

While he was talking, dozens of people were passing through the control, but there really wasn’t a big queue. However, the inspectors had questions to one of the passengers. After the middle-aged man took out all the metal objects, the hand-held metal detector still continued to work.

“I have a belt interspersed with iron,” he explained, pulling up his shirt and showing all the guards his wide belt.

Another passenger, answering our questions, said that such checks have one main disadvantage – they can create crowds of people, which is a risk in wartime.

“I believe that it is necessary to check those who come to Kyiv, and not leave it,” the passenger summed up.

Carried weapons and ammunition

According to the railroad, during the test day of the scanners, 20 attempts to transport dangerous prohibited items were detected. Including weapons and ammunition.

“A woman with a child was driving and carrying ammunition to someone. There were also 6 cases of weapons being transported,” Alexander Pertsovsky specified. He added that there is a list of items and substances prohibited for transportation in railway transport.

“There is a clearly defined list of prohibited substances for transportation by rail. These are weapons, in addition to hunting and authorized service weapons, these are explosives, acetone and others,” Alexander Pertsovsky said.

Earlier, we reported on how the situation in Kyiv is changing and why anti-tank hedgehogs and sandbags are disappearing from checkpoints in the capital.

Source: Segodnya

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