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Maturity: at the start of the first test, Italian, for over 500 thousand

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Bangladesh, relief efforts after the floods caused by the monsoons (ANSA)

After a “night before the exams” for many almost insomniacs, the written tests of the high school exams leave this morning for over 500 thousand maturati. It begins, at 8.30, in Italian: candidates will soon be offered seven tracks of three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on topical issues . The children have 6 hours at their disposal.
96.2% of the candidates were admitted to the exams. This year the commissions will be 13,703, for a total of 27,319 classes involved.
The 2022 maturity exam sees the obligation to wear the mask drop: the latter is only recommended, in particular in some circumstances such as, for example, the impossibility of guaranteeing interpersonal distancing of at least one meter.

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Source: Ansa

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