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Genovese: psychologist, he took refuge in drug abuse

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Bolzano, 19 years old swallowed by the waters of Lake Monticolo (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, June 27 – Alberto Genovese’s personality disorders, which caused him serious difficulties in social relationships, also influenced the fact that the now former web entrepreneur then took refuge in chronic abuse before alcohol and then drugs. From what has been known, this is the center of the testimony given today by the psychologist Chiara Pigni, defense consultant, in the trial with shortened rite on the two sexual assaults contested against the former founder of digital start-ups, which he committed in 2020, stunning, for the prosecution, the girls with a mix of cocaine and ketamine.

From what has been learned, the psychologist in the closed-door hearing retraced Genovese’s past, under house arrest in a clinic to detoxify, including the ‘schemes’ he used in emotional relationships and the link between his personality disorders and alcohol and drug abuse.

In a report, signed by two experts nominated by the defense and entered into the proceedings, the question of the mental defect at the time of the facts for the massive use of drugs, on which the defense is focusing in the trial, has already been raised. Now Genovese in the courtroom will be questioned by lawyers, prosecutors and judges. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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