Drought: invasion of locusts in Romagna

(ANSA) – FORLÌ, 29 JUN – Not only Sardinia. Even in the Romagna countryside, more precisely in the province of Forlì-Cesena, there has been an invasion of locusts for a few days.

Especially affected the valleys of the Bidente and Savio rivers, where farms report damage to crops of wheat, fodder and vegetables. Insects are ravenous and are preying on crops to small private gardens. According to experts, the proliferation of grasshoppers is due to the exceptional and favorable conditions for their reproduction: torrid temperatures and very dry, with the ground cracking, the perfect place for spawning. The constant plowing of the land would be necessary to prevent their proliferation, but this is not possible due to the presence of crops still to be harvested. The peak of the invasion should now be near and, according to experts, it will take just under a month for the phenomenon to end naturally.


Source: Ansa

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