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Controversy over Zangrillo’s tweets, ‘serial washing asymptomatic’

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The former mayor of Lampedusa Nicolini:

(ANSA) – MILAN, 08 JUL – “It happens that serial workers, positive for the # COVID19 test, do not work for weeks, although asymptomatic. This is how the country is destroyed”. Alberto Zangrillo, Silvio Berlusconi’s personal doctor and director of the anesthesia and intensive care department of the San Raffaele hospital Irccs writes on Twitter.

Almost all of the comments are controversial: “And after the dead virus, those who become infected in order not to work. We are not a serious country”, “Just blame the individual. Until yesterday it was necessary to close at home even if only for suspected positivity to protect others . If you didn’t, you were considered a delinquent. Now if you do, you are a cleaner. Maybe it would be time to be consistent. “

The virologist colleague Roberto Burioni also replies to Zangrillo: “There is a lot of fuss about a tweet from my friend @azangrillo who expresses himself on the duration of isolation with his – let’s say – usual dialectical energy. I don’t even want to touch the controversy. I don’t care, but Alberto, perhaps involuntarily, raises an extremely important problem that should be scientifically on the agenda and it is not “. “Obviously – writes Burioni – we cannot leave contagious people in circulation; at the same time we cannot afford – as a society – to deprive ourselves of the work of too many people for an excess of precaution. After vaccines and antivirals, the time has come to understand how combining the health security needs with the economic, social and cultural needs of the country. How to balance them is the exclusive task of politics: but the data on which to decide – concludes the virologist – must be provided by science “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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