Marmolada: operations to recompose bodies completed

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(ANSA) – TRENTO, 16 JUL – Carabinieri operations aimed at recomposing the bodies of the victims of the Marmolada tragedy have ended. The activities took place at the rescue operations center used inside the Canazei fire brigade barracks, with the collaboration of the firefighters. The analyzes of the Carabinieri of the Ris di Parma ended yesterday afternoon and the laboratory tests, consisting in the extraction and comparison of the DNA on about a hundred samples, allowed to trace all the genetic profiles extracted, confirming the identity of the eleven people died. It was a delicate job also in consideration of the large number of finds that can now be buried with the authorization of the Trento prosecutor who coordinates the investigations. Some family members were also able to receive materials and equipment belonging to their loved ones and recovered by the rescue teams during the search.


Source: Ansa

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