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Written against Landini and CGIL in a town in southern Sardinia

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Culture, Cavallaro:

(ANSA) – SAN GAVINO MONREALE, JUL 28 – “Another violent and squadist act against the CGIL was carried out tonight in San Gavino, after the one on June 14 last, when the headquarters of the CGIL Chamber of Labor in Olbia were smeared: this time it happened in one of the CGIL premises in south-western Sardinia, where intimidating fascist writings appeared targeting the entire organization and the secretary general Maurizio Landini “. This was announced by the union itself in a note. The written in red spray – “Sindacato nazi” and “Landini executioner nazi” – are accompanied by the circled W symbol, used on the web and social networks by conspiracy theorists and no vax extremists.

For the secretaries of the regional and south-western CGIL Samuele Piddiu and Franco Bardi “these are episodes that should not be underestimated and unfortunately represent the indicator of a worrying climate that aims to intimidate those who fight for democracy and social justice, representing the weakest part of society “.

The union underlines the need “for clarity to be made on those responsible for the cowardly attack on the CGIL, today in its headquarters in San Gavino, a little over a month ago in Olbia and in recent times, unfortunately, in many offices of the Chambers of Labor throughout Italy. We are faced with a fascist method unfortunately not isolated – said Piddiu and Bardi – which reiterates the use of violent and intimidating words and is characterized, once again, by the use of the novax symbol “.

The appeal of the CGIL goes to all the civil and democratic forces of Sardinia and the country to further raise the level of attention and democratic defense against any kind of violent and fascist action. “We will continue to carry out our activity based on the values ​​of democracy and anti-fascism, and we will not be intimidated”, is the concluding message of the CGIL. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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