Alleged irregularities in procurement management

Ukraine, Zelensky:

(ANSA) – TARANTO, 04 AUG – The mayor of Roccaforzata (Taranto), Roberto Iacca, 41, elected in May 2019 and head of a center-left coalition, together with a 59-year-old man with a criminal record were arrested and placed under house arrest by the police in execution of a precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of Taranto Giovanni Caroli at the request of the deputy prosecutor Maurizio Carbone and the public prosecutor Francesco Ciardo. With five other people under investigation on the loose, they respond, for various reasons, to attempted extortion, undue inducement to give or promise benefits, fire and undue perception of citizenship income.

The investigation began when, in the context of other investigations, the policemen collected clues relating to an alleged negotiation concerning the assignment of a series of public contracts between the mayor and a local company that could have been awarded the works thanks to the intercession of a common “friend”, the 59-year-old reached by the precautionary measure carried out today. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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