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Costa Smeralda, vigilant towards strike in vip paradise

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(ANSA) – ARZACHENA, 04 AUG – The VIP’s paradise risks being left unattended during the highlight of the holidays. The agents of the Costa Smeralda Security Services demand better working conditions, declare a state of agitation and threaten a strike with abstention from overtime if their requests are not accepted. “As repeatedly reported to the company, critical conditions persist that could easily be overcome with an agreement between the parties”, explain the general secretaries for Olbia-Tempio of Filcams CGIL, Danilo Deiana, and of Fisascat Cisl, Manolo Lai. The list of recriminations that threaten to undermine the security in the thousand and one night villas of the Costa Smeralda is very long and is added to the tug-of-war at national level for the renewal of the category contract expired by 77 months and only refreshed once. in the past 15 years. They range from the shortage of permanent staff to the indiscriminate use of overtime.

From the exposure of security agents to the heat waves that have become a constant this summer, to the lack of booths, suitable spaces and even toilets available to staff engaged in guarding, both at night and during the day.

For now, the unions proclaim a state of agitation. If they are not listened to, they will cross their arms no longer guaranteeing overtime work, with the risk that the Costa Smeralda fortress will remain unarmed precisely in the period of greatest turnout. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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