Former pm Nordio is a candidate for politics with Fdi

Shock video Ruberti, head of Cabinet in the storm (ANSA)

(ANSA) – VENICE, AUGUST 19 – “After writing, for over 25 years, on the critical issues of our justice and on the need for urgent remedies in a guaranteed and liberal sense, the renunciation of actively intervening when the possibility is offered to you would be a lack of courage, or at least an attitude of incoherence and laziness “. The former Venetian prosecutor Carlo Nordio writes this in an “open letter” in Il Gazzettino, confirming the decision to run for the next political elections with the Brothers of Italy. Nordio recalls that he has always been opposed to the descent into politics of magistrates but, he explains, “I was objected that if the reason is valid in the immediacy of the discharge, when the consequences of the investigations and any consequent controversies are still current, this does not it is more true when time, father of oblivion as well as truth, has blurred or dissolved its contours. And since almost six years have passed since my leave, and the judiciary seems to me almost a distant memory, these scruples are no longer justified ” . (HANDLE).

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