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Health: relief room in the emergency room in Piacenza

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Death Cogliandro, Edoardo Romano:

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, AUGUST 24 – A relief room has been active for a few weeks in the emergency room at the Piacenza hospital. It is a particular room, dedicated to people who arrive in the ward in end-of-life conditions. The goal is not only to provide a reserved space, where you can stay with family members, but also to be able to count on a palliative sedation that can control suffering.

Patients suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases, who come to the emergency room with symptoms resistant to therapy and who require deep palliative sedation will be welcomed. But it can also accommodate people who come to the ward for emergency sedation, such as severe bleeding, respiratory crisis or irreversible shock.

“We tried to create a space in the emergency room – say the health workers, as reported by the Piacenza Ausl – where the end of life could be a moment lived in an intimate way by family members, away from the bells that ring, the overcrowding of the areas, the telephone that rings at every hour, and that terrible artificial light that we know well and that is capable of canceling day and night by standardizing the time “.

It is open to family members 24 hours a day, with no numerical limit, and is managed by doctors, nurses and social and health workers of the emergency room according to a codified path. It guarantees silence, tranquility, care and listening, in accordance with the model of palliative care, which requires great proximity and a low technological impact. In the room there are no monitors but only a large mural made by a nurse of the ward, Eleonora Rossi. The drawing represents a moment of transition, an expectation and a change.

Soon, thanks to the contribution of the Il Pellicano Onlus association, the room will be completed and made more welcoming. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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