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Crowd at the funeral of the 15-year-old hit by the soldier

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Elections, Salvini:

It is a crowd around the white coffin covered with bouquets of flowers in the church of Beato Odorico in Pordenone for the funeral of Giovanni Zanier, the 15-year-old boy who died after being run over and jumped forward by a car driven by a US military twenty years, drunk. A crowd that filled the church for a long ceremony. Crowd composed and moved, of relatives, acquaintances and above all many friends, peers of the victim. In short, the entire district of Pordenone where he lived, has tightened around the family. Many joints with motorcycles, with jerseys with “Gio love” photos. In addition to the parents, of course, the commander of the Usaf Base, Gen. Clark, and the Italian commander were also present

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A simple, long and delicate hug between parents. It was the essence of the meeting – in private form – between the leaders of the Usaf base in Aviano (Pordenone) and the family of Giovanni Zanier, the 15-year-old boy run over and killed by the car of a US soldier who drove drunk. Those who attended the brief visit speak of sincere emotion, pain and closeness that the commander Tad D. Clarke expressed to the boy’s relatives. Remaining available also for future needs.

The large Usaf family – which almost counts in Aviano 10 thousand peoplebetween military and relatives – expressed in this way the state of mind that reigns in the Base, where Julia Bravo, the twenty-year-old airman, has been under house arrest since 21 August. He measures that it will not be mitigated anytime soon, as his defender admitted, Aldo Masserut: “These are not the moments to present alternative petitions, we will not take any action until the funeral. We have limited ourselves to asking for a copy of the documents filed. Up to now I have not even wanted to investigate what happened: I need you to understand well, not only linguistically, but also practically, the serious consequences of what he did “.

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In this atmosphere of great human and institutional courtesy, the lawyer stressed that the young woman “is still completely dazed”. On the other hand, he reiterated, “we are talking about a girl of only 20 years. In a few days we will face together the defensive strategy that is independent of the decisions that will be taken about the jurisdiction of the case, which will arrive in a few months. For now we will proceed. as if the trial were certainly taking place in Italy “.

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