On dear energy, traders hope for St. Anthony’s ‘miracle’

(ANSA) – PADUA, AUGUST 27 – Paduan traders hope for a ‘miracle’ against expensive energy and rely on Saint Anthony. So next Monday they will bring a candle to the Basilica. “In terms of energy costs and skyrocketing bills – explained Patrizio Bertin, president Ascom – we no longer know which saint to vote for. On the other hand: the government?

Then? Therefore, all that remains for the Paduan tertiary market sector is to devote itself to the “Saint” par excellence, that Saint Anthony who was not from Padua but who from Padua has become the reference for the whole world “. Bertin, with a limited representation of colleagues, on 29 August, at 11.30 am, will deliver a candle to the Rector, Father Antonio Ramina, in the churchyard of the Basilica of Sant’Antonio. “A candle – underlines Bertin – which wants to be, at the same time, our renewed devotion to the Holy, for those who believe a plea for heavenly protection in such a difficult moment, but also a secular example of the risk of a return to a past made of life by candlelight “. An almost” extreme “attempt to try to draw attention to the facing a problem, that of energy costs, which would need immediate answers, as Ascom Confcommercio calculated in recent days, 10% of companies ready to suspend their activity as early as September and with a much more dramatic prospect of a closure of about 2,500 businesses over the first half of 2023 with the loss of some 7,500 jobs. “We ask President Draghi – Bertin remembers – to intervene, even in extension of the things that a resigning government can do, with a ceiling on the price of gas on the type of what Portugal has done. Portugal, coincidentally, native country of Sant ‘Antonio “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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